Specific years are mentioned in this book. This is not a prediction of the year of the Rapture or Second Coming. Put all of what is written in context with the rest of the book. After God's time, seven churches, four horses, seven trumpets and other End Time prophecies are combined, we can better understand God's plan for our time.
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I wrote this book for the Laodicean church. My responsibility is to help wake up the Church and instruct the body but also watch the emerging global political, religious and economic apocalypse. The world is transitioning from human rule to the reign of Jesus Christ. Stop being distracted by the world's system. Understand the truth of our time. Encourage one another as we work together for the Kingdom. The horses are on the run and the trumpets are sounding. What kind of people ought you to be?

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed (Romans 13:11).
Basic Prophesy Principles

1.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the ultimate authority for truth. Through a proper understanding of Scripture, prophecy is revealed.

2.  Studying prophecy is a pursuit of truth. This will require rejecting a few traditional views and denominational teachings that conflict with the Bible.

3.  End Time prophecy is not a salvation issue. We may have different views but only one way to God exists: grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

4.  Like the rest of the Bible, End Time prophecy can be understood. Just as humanity complicates God's simple plan of salvation, we also complicate prophecy.

5.  Unlike other doctrines of the Bible, End Time prophecy is changing with time. When one prophecy is unsealed, fulfilled and revealed, other prophecies are better understood.

6.  To know and understand End Time prophecy is good but it is worthless unless we allow the Holy Spirit to change our hearts and our lives so we impact the people in our churches and communities.

7.  Knowing God's plan for our time decreases our fear and increases our faith and boldness. We cannot hide in a bunker or sit on a hill to wait out the clock. We must wake up the Church and make disciples to spread the Gospel to our families, our neighbors, our cities, our nation and throughout our world.
A Current Understanding of Events before the Rapture

Thousands of prophecy books are in bookstores and libraries. There is no reason to add one more book unless it adds an accurate, clear, current and unique twenty-first century understanding necessary for our time. 21st Century Revelation agrees with the majority Protestant view of a Rapture of the Church before the Tribulation and Millennium but adds a current understanding of God's plan for our time before the Rapture.

 1. When God created the world in six days and rested the seventh, He described His time of redemption and return. There are 6000 years of humanity's rule and 1000 years of Jesus Christ's rule (7000 Years).

 2. When we understand the Jewish calendar, we understand God's time. Jesus Christ was conceived on Hanukkah, born on Tabernacles, crucified on Passover, buried by Unleavened Bread, rose again on Firstfruits and the Holy Spirit was given on Weeks/Pentecost.

 3. The Jewish feasts of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles are critical future days that will be fulfilled by Jesus Christ with the Rapture, Second Coming and coronation of the King of Kings. These feasts are God's appointed times.

 4. The Jewish major and minor feasts fulfilled by Jesus Christ are historic days found in more than seventy dates of recent world history. The World Wars, Iraq Wars and End Wars are God's plan in God's time on God's days. See Calendar.

 5. While tradition says almost all prophecies of Revelation 4-19 happen during the seven years of Tribulation, many prophecies of Revelation 4-9 are fulfilled during the Laodicean period. Laodicea is the seventh church of Revelation 2-3 that corresponds to the last period of the Church Age. As Noah had 120 years before the flood so we have 120 years before the Tribulation. The Laodicean period started between September 14, 1901 (Trumpets) with President Theodore Roosevelt and August 1, 1914 (9th of Av) with World War I.

 6. Catholicism, China, European Union, India, Islam, Israel, Russia, United Nations and United States are End Time powers. They are described in Bible prophecy by symbol and/or event.

 7. America is in the Bible. Through the World Wars and Iraq Wars, God tells of the rise and fall of the United States, why we fall, who pushes us off the hill and who replaces us. There are over one hundred references to America by symbol, event, date or result of our actions. America must fall before Antichrist takes control. You cannot understand the End Times without America.

 8. America is not only the world's superpower but helps prepare the world for the Tribulation. As part of the Quartet on the Middle East (European Union, Russia, United Nations, United States) as described by Daniel, we create the covenant that draws the final borders of Israel and Palestine that causes the fall of the United States, the Tribulation and Armageddon.

 9. The horses are on the run. Instead of looking at a map of countries, look at the map based on philosophies. Four horses of white, red, black and green correspond to four dominant political, religious or economic world views. The Antichrist unites these forces into a one world government.

10. The trumpets are sounding. Since World War I, five of seven trumpets are fulfilled prophecy. The sixth trumpet begins right before the Rapture. When we understand the last one hundred years, God reveals the next twenty.

11. There is no economic, political or moral solution to a spiritual problem. We are seeing the final prophecies fulfilled before the Rapture. The Tribulation is a time for the redemption of a remnant of Jews and Gentiles and the transition from humanity's rule to God's rule. In the near future, all 190+ nations rebel against God and fall before Jesus Christ reigns.

12. The only answer for the world  is for Christians in the Laodicean Church to wake up, look up, work together, be the light, share the Gospel, reap the harvest until that glorious Feast of Trumpets.

21st Century Revelation
explains these twelve points and adds a current understanding of God plan for the Laodicean period of the Church Age.

Book Corrections & Changes

1. On page 113, paragraph 5, line 2, change verse reference Genesis 6:7 to 6:3.

2. On page 124, paragraph 3, line 3, delete that. My dad was the first to tell me that the Rapture occurs on Rosh Hashanah.

3. On page 138, paragraph 7, line 4, change year to 1492. ... reached the Bahamas on October 12, 1492.

4. On page 149, paragraph 4, line 1, add sentence before paragraph. The Sadducees were the ruling class of priests that controlled the temple. They bribed Rome better than the Pharisees and were appointed High Priest.

5. The Life of Christ on pages 169-174 describes the birth of Jesus Christ on the 15th of Tishi or October 8, 7 BC Julian. Another option is the 1st of Tishri or September 11, 3 BC Julian. See First Coming.

6. On page 171, paragraph 5, line 3, change pieces to Pisces.

7. On page 180, paragraph 5, change Exodus 13 to 12. Exodus 12 and Galatians 3 tell the years from Abraham's covenant to the Exodus.

8. On page 186, Bible Chronology lasts ~3974 BC-3027 AD which is 7000 years.

9. On page 193, paragraph 4, line 5, change 2003 to 4003 years. Since the cross is 4003 years from creation, subtract two years.

10. On page 194, chart line 8 and 12, 1 King 6:37-38 says it took seven years to build the temple. Therefore first temple starts at laying the foundation. Delete lines 8 and 12. See Jewish vs Bible Chronology (Update).

11. After illegally annexed Crimea, Ukraine, Russia's membership in the G-8 (Groups of Eight) was suspended on March 24, 2014.
        On page 213, paragraph 3, line 4, change G-8 (Group of Eight) to G-7 (Group of Seven).
        On page 213, paragraph 4, line 3 change G-8: to G-7: and remove Russia from the list of G-7
        On page 216, paragraph 1, line 5, remove G-8.
        On page 221, paragraph 2, line 6, change G-8 to G-7.
        On page 221, paragraph 2, line 7, change G-8 to G-7.
        On page 340, chapter 20, endnote 9, change Group of Eight to Group of Seven, Group of 8 to
         Group of 7, and October 1, 2012 to April, 1, 2014.

12. The United States is less dependent on foreign oil imports but the global economy is still dependent on Middle East oil and Middle East peace.
        On page 214, paragraph 1, line 6, change our to the global economy. Dependence on foreign oil
         leaves the global enonomy vulnerable.
        On page 276, paragraph 7, line 2, remove refuses to. Change expand, import, and cut to expands,
         imports and cuts. The United States expands domestic oil, imports more from peaceful, friendly
         nations and cuts consumption.
        On page 276, paragraph 7, line 4, Change our to global. Because of global dependence on oil in the
         Middle East, America needs peace.

13. Croatia join the European Union on July 1, 2013.
        On pages 220, 222, 235 and 281, add Croatia to the European Union maps.
        On page 220, paragraph 3, line 1 and page 221, paragraph 5, line 1, change 27 to 28.
        On page 221, paragraph 2, line 6, change Twenty-one to Twenty-two nations are a part of NATO...
        On page 222, move Croatia from associate to additional member. There are 18 additional members
         and 15 associates.

14. On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union and finally exited on January 31, 2020. According to Revelation 13, the United Kindom lion will unite with the Russian bear and German leopard during the Tribulation. See Daniel's Dream.

15. On page 224, paragraph 1, line 5, change them to then. In a world absent of Christians during the Tribulation, the apostate church will merge with false religions then unite with a political world power.

16. On page 235, End Time Powers, change the color of Canada from white to black. The Catholic faith has declined, so the nation's prevailing world view changed from Catholic to capitalist.

17. On page 316, line 5, change pieces to Pisces.

18. NASA Six Millennium Catalog of Phases of the Moon link changed to Five Millennium Catalog of Phases of the Moon. The new reference to the phase of the moon is:
        Espernak, Fred, "Five Millennium Catalog of Phases of the Moon," NASA,
         <https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEcat5/LEcatalog.html>, October 2017.
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