Do you have a question or need a point clarified? A current understanding of our times is a pursuit of truth that removes confusion so we can clearly see God actively involved in our lives, our churches, our world in His plan for our time.
21st Century Revelation: World Wars, Iraq Wars & End Wars
A current understanding of God's plan for our time
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General Overview

This book does not only explain the "what" of prophecy; more importantly, it explains the very imperative "why". Cook shows readers the proper context for prophecy - a relationship with God. He effectively communicates that understanding prophecy is not for strength or safety; it's for knowing the God who reveals it.

Manuscript's Strengths

The author presents prophecy from a different angle-the right angle. There are innumerable books on prophecy, but few with the right motive. The author puts this in the readers' faces, exactly where it needs to be. Understanding the times simply for the sake of understanding them is worthless; it is all within the context of knowing God and that is the real question: whether or not we truly want to know Him. This is the book's biggest strength.

Other authors intend to summarize and end up skimming, which is not the same. The readers will not feel like something is missing from this book. Though very quickly, the author has covered all of his bases and managed to stay away from discussing different religions. The manuscript is concise, focused and effective.

The author does very well in showing the immediacy and relevancy of ancient prophecies in the current times. More than the average author, he picks just the right words to show why people should care about prophecy and uses great examples of what a difference it has made for those who did understand prophecy in the past. This is yet a third factor that really sets this book apart.

----Xulon Press

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World Wars, Iraq Wars & End Wars
A current understanding of God plan for our time
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