The Covenant: Trump Peace Plan
February 2020

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Peace Plan: Palestine Map
Since 1948, Israel has been a nation without final borders. God said Jerusalem will be an unmovable rock that will cut people that attack the city. If Israel takes the land, there will be consequences from the Arab nations and the globalists. However, if Israel disobeys God and divides the land, there will be greater consequences. On January 28, 2020, the same day the covenant was revealed, an ominous 7.7 Caribbean earthquake shook South Florida.

In August 2005, the United States pressured Israel to give up Gaza and four settlements in Samaria. On the 9th of Av (August 13), Tropical Depression Ten formed, dissipated and reformed as Hurricane Katrina. After Israel evaluated the land, the US evacuated the Gulf Coast.

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth are gathered together against it. (Zechariah 12:2-3).

Since 1948, every peace plan has focused on dividing the land of Israel. The final treaty leads to the fall of the United States, the Tribulation and Armageddon. In September or October of ~202?, the Rapture occurs on Trumpets and the Antichrist confirms the covenant on Atonement. The covenant begins the seven years of Tribulation and Armageddon ends the Tribulation. Then there will be a long lasting peace in the Middle East but only when Jesus Christ reigns.

I [God] will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat [Kidron Valley in Jerusalem during Armageddon], and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and [divided] my land (Joel 3:2).

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The Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Trump administration revealed a comprehensive economic and political plan called Peace to Prosperity. The economic plan was released on June 22, 2019. The international community will invest fifty billion dollars to develop commerce and infrastructure in Palestine and its Arab neighbors. The political portion was released on January 28, 2020. Israel and Palestine will divide the land into separate nations without uprooting the people.

Since 1948, many wars decided Israel's borders. To have peace in the Middle East, there must be peace between Israel and Palestine. Israel, the children of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob claims the land. Palestine, the children of Abraham through Ishmael and Esau, claims the land. Despite this long and tragic history, Bible prophecy says there will be a long lasting peace in the Middle East.

In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto your seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates (Genesis 15:18).
Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People

In 1948, the United Nations divided the land. Israel accepted the plan but Palestine refused that and many others and has been stateless for over seventy years. Now this comprehensive plan provides a detailed starting point for all final status issues.
  • Two Nations: In four years after implementation, Palestine becomes an independent nation within the current border of Israel.
  • Land: Palestine includes Gaza and seventy percent of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) but does not follow 1967 borders. They receive land swaps along the Israel-Egypt border. Israel keeps the Jordan Valley and freezes settlements.
  • Settlements: Israeli and Palestinian people and settlements will not be uprooted.
  • Access: There will be access bridges or tunnels from settlements back to the mainland. A tunnel will connect Gaza with Judea and Samaria (West Bank).
  • Recognition: Palestine will recognize Israel's right to exist.
  • Refugees: Recognizes problem with Israeli and Palestinians uprooted in 1948 war. Possible right of return for small number of refugees.
  • Security: Palestine will disarm all terrorist groups and be fully demilitarized. Terrorist education and payments to terrorists and families will cease. The security barrier will be adjusted to the new border.
  • Water: Allow the Palestinians access to the River Jordan. Infrastructure includes investing in water projects.
  • Jerusalem: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The old city will be managed by Israel but all holy sites are open to worshippers. East Jerusalem will be the future capital of Palestine.
  • Economy: Investment of $50 billion into Palestine's commerce and infrastructure, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Economic development to drastically increase business and decrease unemployment.
About 4000 years ago, God promised to give Abraham and his descendants land and a great nation. However, God also commanded the Hebrews to take the land. The books of Joshua and Judges describe the consequences when they fail to obey God and take all the land. These people make trouble for Israel.

Know for a certainty that the Lord your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land which the Lord your God hath given you (Joshua 23:13).

Many fulfilled prophecies tell us we are at the end of the End Times. Four horses of the Apocalypse are on the run. Five trumpets of the World Wars, Cold War and Iraq Wars already sounded. China, Russia, the European Union and radical Islam are fighting to replace America as leader of the world. World War III and Armageddon are still future. Since we are so near the end of the Church Age, there is one important prophecy still missing, peace in the Middle East. The treaty between Israel, Palestine and the Arab nations is required before the Tribulation begins.

He [Antichrist] shall confirm the covenant with many for one seven [years]: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the [Jewish] sacrifice and the offerings to cease (Daniel 9:27).
Peace Plan: Israel
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